Tree Removal Cleveland Ohio

Tree Removal Cleveland Ohio

Since 2018, CLE Tree Service has been the Cleveland, OH area’s top choice for tree cutting and stump removal services. With our cutting-edge equipment, strong work ethic, and affordable prices, if you need to have a tree or stump removed from your property, you can’t go wrong with us. Additionally, the employees of our tree removal company pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the local area.

Though we’re based in Cleveland, Ohio, we offer stump and tree removal service in Cleveland and many nearby communities.

  • Solon
  • Avon
  • Parma
  • Lakewood

This is just some of the communities we serve. If you live near Cleveland, OH but you don’t see your town listed here, give us a call!

Do You Need Stump Removal In Cleveland?

Whether you’ve already had trees removed from your property or trees were cut down there before you arrived, you know how annoying it can be to deal with stumps. They’re not exactly attractive, and they can be a nuisance to mow around. Fortunately, CLE Tree Service can help remove your stumps.

When it comes to professional stump removal, you essentially have two options, neither of which is a one-size-fits-all solution. If you choose stump grinding, a large piece of equipment will be used to grind a stump down until it’s below the surface; then, it’ll be covered with topsoil. Meanwhile, full stomp removal is exactly what it sounds like – your stump will be dug up and its roots will be cut.

While stump grinding is often the cheaper option, it’s not viable if you’re planning to build on or near the site of the stump. On the other hand, full stump removal is a much more elaborate process than stump grinding, and any number of factors can add on to the cost. Regardless of what you choose, CLE Tree Service will be able to get stumps off of your property while giving you the lowest possible price.

Looking for more information about our stump removal services? Check out our page on these services here.

An Experienced Cleveland Tree Removal Company

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem, but they don’t last forever. When a tree is dead or dying, it’s time to cut it down. At CLE Tree Service, we specialize in efficient and safe Cleveland tree removal, which we’ve provided in the local area for years. It doesn’t matter if the tree you need to have removed is a small crab apple tree or a mighty oak tree – no tree cutting job is too big or too small for us.

Death isn’t the only reason you might need to look for a contractor to provide tree removal service, either. You may also need to remove a tree from your property if you are clearing land for a construction project, if your tree has become a threat to the safety of people or structures, and if tree roots are having negative effects on foundations, pipes, or cables – just to name a few scenarios.

It can be tempting to try removing trees on your property without calling a contractor, but tree cutting isn’t the kind of project you should take on by yourself. In fact, tree removal work is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in America! Among other risks, tree removal company workers must contend with:

  • Wood decay. In many cases, trees that have died or are near death are already hollow inside by the time they’re removed.
  • The effects of gravity. There are some strategies tree cutters can use to influence the direction in which a tree falls, but once a tree is falling, there’s no way to control it.
  • Nearby power lines. A tree remover that makes contact with a power line or hits it with their tools or the tree can cause neighborhood-wide power outages – that is, if they’re not immediately electrocuted.

Most amateur tree removers also won’t have access to equipment that’s up to the task at hand. Professionals in the field are legally required to wear full-body protective gear, and they’re trained to use equipment like chainsaws and cranes.

Choose The Safest Option

Instead of putting your life on the line with a DIY solution, get in touch with the professionals at CLE Tree Service. We know exactly what we’re doing, and we have the strong reputation to prove it.

If you live in or around Cleveland, Ohio, give us a phone call or send us an email today! We’ll be happy to start working with you as soon as possible.

Let’s Get In Touch

If you have any questions about CLE Tree Service, or you’re ready to get started, we’d love to help. All you need to do is give us a call or send us an email.