Tree Trimming Cleveland Ohio

Tree Trimming Cleveland Ohio

It can be easy to forget, but trees are just like any other type of plant – they need maintenance, too. But it’s not a good idea to do this work on your own. Instead, you should find a tree trimming company you can trust in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

The professionals at CLE Tree Service have the experience and knowledge needed to fulfill your Cleveland tree trimming needs while ensuring that your tree isn’t damaged in the process. We have provided tree trimming and pruning services since our company was founded in 2018, and we work in Cleveland and surrounding communities like Lakewood, Solon, and Mentor.

Tree Pruning And Trimming In Cleveland

If you live in or near Cleveland, OH and you have trees on your property, you may be wondering why you need a tree trimming company’s services. Tree trimming and pruning can provide a serious boost to your trees’ well-being and the safety of your property.

Though they describe similar jobs, the words “pruning” and “trimming” are not synonyms. When you work with a contractor to trim your trees, they will cut branches to prevent these trees from becoming overgrown.

Meanwhile, pruning involves determining what branch cutting work needs to be done on a tree to improve its overall health. In this process, workers cut:

  • Dead/dying branches
  • Branches that don’t have enough sun exposure
  • Infected branches
  • Branches that are loose

When it comes to maintaining your property, trimming and pruning trees are both important tasks. They can make your land more beautiful, cut down on pests and insects, allow your trees to grow properly, and even protect your home from falling branches.

Our Tree Trimming Company’s Services

Many of the services provided by CLE Tree Service are meant to improve your tree’s crown. These services include:

  • Crown cleaning, which involves the removal of dead, diseased, and otherwise unhealthy branches from a tree’s crown.
  • Crown raising, which involves the removal of low branches from a tree to increase clearance around it.
  • Crown restoration, which involves the removal of branches from a tree to bring it back to the shape it was meant to have all along.
  • Crown thinning, which involves the removal of some living branches from a tree’s crown to increase its light exposure.

Additionally, CLE Tree Service prunes Cleveland, Ohio trees based on what they need. If your tree is still in the earliest stages of its life, we can do branch cutting work to eliminate its weaker branches. We can also work on sanitation pruning (which only targets branches that are diseased or infected by fungi) and corrective pruning (which focuses on fixing any damage done to your trees by subpar pruning work in the past).

Give Your Tree Some TLC

Hopefully, this page has helped give you a better understanding of the Cleveland tree trimming and pruning services CLE Tree Service can offer. If you still have any questions – or if you’re ready to get started – just give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help!

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