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If you're looking for tree services in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, CLE Tree Service is your best choice. We're an insured company with many tree services to offer, and our expertise, professional experience, and commitment to safety is second to none.
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Tree Removal
Whether you need a stump grinding job done in your back yard or you want to have a large lot cleared, the professionals on our team will get excellent results and affordable prices - the deals we offer are unmatched. Call for a free estimate today!
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Why You Need Tree Removal Services In Cleveland

As Cleveland residents know, tornadoes aren’t unheard of here. In fact, Ohio is part of the region known as “Tornado Alley.” Obviously, tornadoes can do damage to trees – and if they knock down a tree on your land, you’ll want to call the best experts to get that tree removed.

Other weather conditions can put local trees (and your home) at risk, as well. A wind storm can uproot trees, and trees can be brought down to ground level by heavy rain, lightning, and ice/snow. If any of these conditions cause your tree’s trunk or branches to fall, we can get them off your landscape and clean things up – fast.

Even if your home hasn’t felt the effects of a disaster, you still might want to have trees on your property removed – they might be in the way of a planned construction project, or they might threaten the safety of people and buildings. Whatever the reason, we can remove them for you.

Why Is Tree Health Important?

Perhaps you’ve never taken time to think about keeping the trees on your lawn or property healthy. That’s understandable, but tree health is a highly important element of lawn care that you should take seriously for a few different reasons.

  • Financial effects. Healthy trees can add to the commercial value of your land – and vice versa.
  • Infestations and infections. Stressed trees can host insect populations, bacteria, and fungi that can cause more problems on your land.
  • Beauty. Improving your trees’ health can improve the aesthetics of your landscape, while dead trees and trees that are suffering from disease will detract from your view.

If you think your trees could benefit from our certified arborists’ experience, contact CLE Tree Service today with a consultation request. We’ll make sure you get the professional tree care you deserve.

A Native Cleveland Tree Company

Since it was founded in 2018, CLE Tree Service has been a locally-owned Cleveland business. Our team takes pride in working with residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, OH and around Northeast Ohio.

Our Service Area

If you live in the Cleveland area, chances are we’ll be able to provide our tree services to you. Here’s a list of some of the towns and cities our company serves.
  • Solon
  • Avon
  • Parma
  • Lakewood
  • Euclid
  • Mentor
If you see your location listed above, call CLE Tree Service or send us an email. After you contact us, we’ll send you a free estimate as quickly as possible.


Check Out Our Tree Services In Cleveland, OH

After you call CLE Tree Service, you’ll find that we can provide any tree maintenance services you require in/near the entire Cleveland area – from trimming to removal. Your yard or property will look better than ever once the job is completed, and we’ll charge a fair price.

CLE Tree Service offers a full range of services to our customers, while our employees are quick and efficient enough to save you time and money in the process. Here’s a closer look at the projects our company can do.

If a tree on your property is dead, suffering from disease, or getting old, it’s time to think about getting it cut down. CLE Tree Service is a great choice for your tree removal needs. Our top-of-the-line equipment, industry knowledge, and attention to detail will ensure your tree removal job is quick and high-quality.

Stumps can be unsightly and annoying, but there are a few good options for removing them. When you choose stump grinding, we’ll grind your stump down until it is below the surface and then covering the site with topsoil. We can also do full stump removals by digging them up and cutting their roots – the option that’s best for you depends on your situation as a land owner.

When done by the experts, tree trimming and pruning can seriously improve your trees’ well-being. Tree trimming and pruning are similar but different: tree trimming involves trimming branches to keep trees from becoming overgrown, while a tree that is pruned has branches cut in order to improve its overall health. CLE Tree Service can determine whether we need to prune your trees or trim them – and after they’re trimmed or pruned, we’ll make sure your land is cleaned up.v

Have big plans for your residential and commercial property in Ohio? You might want to have some land clearing done first. We’re ready to clear your land, and we can work on cleaning out unwanted growth for you so you can focus on your future plans.

In situations where your house, property, or power lines have been damaged after a tree falls, you don’t want to wait for tree removal – even if it’s after hours. We have operators standing by 24/7 for prompt emergency tree removal service in the Cleveland area. You can also schedule an appointment to have a CLE Tree Service arborist assess the risks of future damage and give you a free estimate for services that would improve things.

Our Company Values

The people working for CLE Tree Service care deeply about our company’s values. We believe that a professional tree service should prioritize

Customer service

The customer is always right, and we want to do right by our customers.


If you choose us for your landscaping project, our crew would take pains to ensure their labor will improve both your tree and its surroundings.


CLE Tree Service stands for Northeast Ohio and local residents, and that belief affects everything we do – from the smallest tree trimming job to how we run our entire business.

Hard Work

We strive to do a great job on each and every project our clients hire us for.

Why Choose Us

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Expert Arborists

With their expertise, the certified arborists at CLE Tree Service can determine exactly what's wrong with your trees and how to improve their health. After looking at your trees during their consultation, they may recommend that you move forward with tree care services. If a tree is dead or too far gone to maintain, they may talk about removing it.

Keeping You Safe

Since it involves large risks like heights and cranes, tree removal work is among the most dangerous jobs in America - so if you have to remove a tree, you'll want to choose professionals you can trust to safely deal with these factors for your project. Our crew puts safety first, and these workers have access to the protective gear, cranes, and equipment they need. Additionally, we're licensed and insured

A Strong Reputation

The name "CLE Tree Service" is a highly-rated one in Cleveland, Avon, and Northeast Ohio - many of our happy customers have taken the time to recommend us. In all likelihood, we've already provided residential and commercial tree services to a number of your family members, friends, and coworkers. You might have even heard them raving about the fantastic job we did!

We "Wood" Love To Work With You!

If you’re an Ohio land owner needing professional tree service from insured local arborists with landscaping knowledge and experience, call our phone number or send us an email today to request our service. We’ll provide a quick response, complete with a quote!

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